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Our business is family owned and was founded in 2000.  As technology enabled crops to be planted where it was never possible before, more and more hunting ground was being plowed under for farmland.  We have a unique philosophy of working with farmers to grow habitat to ensure that there is a future for the pheasant population regardless of inclement weather or predator.

Here's how we accomplish our goals:

1)  Educate landowners on the habitat necessary for a thriving pheasant population

2)  Provide assistance in developing river bottoms, sloughs, and CRP ground

3)  Develop food plots in prime areas to help sustain the population during the harsh winter weather

4)  Offer financial incentives to those who develop their land by following the simple steps above. 

As more and more farmers and land owners see the resulting population explosion and an increased bird harvest, they are thoroughly convinced that this is the way to continue to help us build a great stock of pheasant for the harsh winters to come.

If you have any questions about the upcoming year, hatch conditions, expectations, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

We are available by e-mail as well as phone.

Phone # 1  (605) 887-3175  Ask for Cindy

Phone # 2  (417) 680-4839  Ask for Travis


We will respond as soon as we get the message.